Robotic Training for Stroke Neurorehabilitation

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Phase 2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age 21 or older
- Ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke (with confirmatory neuroimaging) that occurred more than 6 months before entering the study
- Presence of voluntary hand activity indicated by a score of at least 1 on the finger mass extension/grasp release item of the Fugl-Meyer Test of Motor Function
- Adequate cognitive status, as determined by clinical evaluation
- No upper extremity injury or conditions that limited use prior to the stroke

Exclusion Criteria

- Cannot give informed consent
- Have clinically significant fluctuations in mental status within a month of enrollment
- Were not independent prior to the stroke as measured by scores <95 on the Barthel Index or >1 on the Modified Rankin Scale
- Have hemispatial neglect as determined by >3 errors on the Star Cancellation Test
- Have severe sensory loss as determined by a score of 2 on the sensory item of the NIHSS
- Receiving oral or injected antispasticity medications during study treatment
- Pain that interferes with daily activities
- History of prior stroke