Robot Walking Rehabilitation in Stroke Patients


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- between the ages of 18-95 years;
- able to walk 25 feet unassisted or with assistance
- truck control
- first acute event of cerebrovascular stroke
- unilateral paresis,
- ability to understand and follow simple instructions
- ability to walk without assistance prior to stroke
- endurance sufficient to stand at least 20 minutes unassisted per patient report.

Exclusion Criteria

- unable to understand instructions required by the study (Informed Consent Test of Comprehension).
- medical or neurological comorbidities that might contribute to significant gait dysfunction.
- uncontrolled hypertension > 190/110 mmHg.
- significant symptoms of orthostasis when standing up.
- circulatory problems, history of vascular claudication or significant (+3) pitting edema.
- lower extremity injuries or joint problems (hip or leg) that limit range of motion or function, or cause pain with movement
- bilateral impairment,
- severe sensory deficits in the paretic upper limb,
- cognitive impairment or behavioral dysfunction that would influence the ability to comprehend or participate in the study.
- Women who are pregnant and/or lactating.