Robot-Assisted Therapy and Motor Learning: An Active Learning Program for Stroke "ALPS"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Moderate UE hemiparesis (i.e. some ability to move shoulder, elbow & hand and initial score on the Fugl-Meyer Assessment (FMA) between 21-50/66))
- Intact cognitive function to understand and actively engage in the ALPS robotic therapy procedures (Montreal Cognitive Assessment Score >/=26/30)12 during initial evaluation visit

Exclusion Criteria

- No more than moderate impairments in paretic UE sensation, passive range of motion, and pain that would limit ability to engage in therapy
- Increased muscle tone as indicated by score of >/= 3 on the Modified Ashworth Scale;
- Hemispatial neglect or visual field loss measured by the symbol cancellation subtest on the Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test 13
- Aphasia sufficient to limit comprehension and completion of the treatment protocol
- Currently enrolled or has plans to enroll in other upper limb therapy/research during the study period
- Contraindications for robot-assisted therapy including recent fracture or skin lesion of paretic UE