Restoration of Vision After Stroke "REVIS"

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Occipital ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke 6 months or older
- Hemianopia or quadrantanopia demonstrated by standard automated perimetry
- Visual field defect is stable across baseline
- Presence of residual vision and detectable gradual transition between the the intact and absolutely blind parts of the visual field
- Best corrected visual acuity for at least one eye better or equal to 0.4

Exclusion Criteria

- Eye or central nervous system disease that interferes with the study
- Cardiac pacemaker
- Other metallic devices or implants precluding participation in MRI scans
- Pregnancy or lactation period
- Epileptic seizures in the past 10 years
- Use of antiepileptic or sedative drugs
- Expected low compliance due to substance abuse
- Known active malignancy