Research Online Tele-Rehabilitation Program in People After a Stroke Living at Home


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- 6-72 months post stroke
- Sitting balance intact (ability to go beyond the midline of the body)
- Moderate impairment of the affected upper extremity determined by range of motion (ROM); shoulder flexion and abduction must be more than 45 degrees with mild to moderate compensations; elbow flexion should be about 45 degrees and trunk movement of about 10 cm.
- Basic ability to independently use the tele-system via touching virtual objects on the screen.
- Having a personal computer (at least Intel i3 processor, with Win7 operating system),Internet access (10MBps) and a large computer monitor (at least 26") at home.
- Caregiver, available when needed, toprovide support throughout the intervention.

Exclusion Criteria

- Other medical conditions limiting participation in low-intensity exercise training.
- Major receptive aphasia and screening criteria consistent with dementia (Mini-MentalState score <24).
- Untreated major depression.
- Presence of unilateral spatial neglect as determined by star cancellation (score less than 51).
- Hemianopsia
- Apraxia (limb and ideomotor)
- Other medical conditions that affect the central or peripheral nervous system
- Ataxia