Research Into the Effect of a Clot-dissolving Agent and Its Inhibitor


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Trial Description

Single-chain urokinase-type plasminogen activator (pro-urokinase) is a highly effective thrombolytic drug. At pharmacologic concentrations however, pro-urokinase is converted to urokinase - a non specific thrombolytic, limiting its therapeutic use. Mutant pro-urokinase (M5) is more stable and its conversion to urokinase is inhibited by C1-inhibitor.
The primary objectives of the study are:
- To assess the overall safety and tolerability related to systemic plasminogen activation of single doses of M5 over a wide dose range (study part I).
- To assess the effect of single doses of C1-inhibitor on the overall safety and tolerability of single doses of M5 and its effect on M5-induced coagulation changes (study part II).


Trial Design

  • Observation: Cohort
  • Perspective: Prospective
  • Sampling: Non-Probability Sample

Trial Population

Community sample


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary Changes to vital signs, routine safety laboratory results, or ECG-findings -42d, -14h, -15', 15', 30', 45',60', 90', 10h, 24h, 48h, 7d Yes

Biospecimen Retention:Samples Without DNA - plasma samples.