Reperfusion With Cooling in Cerebral Acute Ischemia "ReCCLAIM"


Phase 1 Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age 18-85 years old
- Symptoms consistent with an ischemic stroke with a large vessel occlusion (MCA, ICA-terminus) as determined by vascular imaging
- ASPECTS score of 5-7 on non-contrast CT of the brain
- Ability to undergo endovascular reperfusion therapy
- Must have no contraindications to general anesthesia
- A pre-treatment modified Rankin Score of 0 or 1
- Arterial puncture performed under 8 hours from symptom onset or last seen normal
- Immediate post reperfusion CT scan shows no hemorrhage

Exclusion Criteria

- Bleeding diathesis with a platelet count < 50,000 or INR > 1.5
- Involved in another clinical trial
- History of dementia
- End stage renal disease on hemodialysis
- History of ventricular dysrhythmias
- Life threatening medical condition precluding survival under 6 months
- Presence of an IVC filter
- Contrast dye allergy with history of anaphylaxis