Reperfuse Ischemic Vessels With Endovascular Recanalization Device in JAPAN (RIVER JAPAN)


Phase N/A Results

Eligibility Criteria


Inclusion Criteria

- Subject presenting with clinical signs and symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke
- Onset of symptom is within 8 hours prior to treatment with Rev-01
- Treatment with IV t-PA is ineligible or ineffective
- Occluded (presenting TICI score of 0 or 1) M1 or M2 of MCA, basilar or vertebral artery, or intracranial segment of ICA, confirmed by angiography that it is accessible to the Rev-01
- NIHSS score is 8-30
- Prior to new focal disabling neurologic deficit, mRS score was 0-2
- Age from 20 y.o. to 85 y.o.
- Written informed consent to participate by subject or legal representative

Exclusion Criteria

- Subject presenting; ICA dissection, Angiitis, Arterial tortuosity that would prevent the device from reaching the target vessel, Arterial stenosis > 50% that would prevent the device from reaching the target vessel, Evidence of acute intracranial hemorrhage, Evidence of mass effect or intracranial tumor, Evidence of extended early ischemic changes
- Subject with more than two major artery occluded
- Known sensitivity or ineligible to radiographic agent, or metallic allergy
- Administration of dabigatran or heparin within 48 hours preceding the onset of stroke and have an elevated APTT or PTT above twice of the normal range for the laboratory at presentation
- Known bleeding diathesis of current use of oral anticoagulants (e.g., warfarin sodium) with International Normalized Ration (INR) > 3
- Platelet count < 30,000/mm3
- Glucose < 50 mg/dL
- Severe sustained hypertension (SBP > 185mmHG or DBP > 110mmHG) refractory to pharmacological management
- Life expectancy of less than 90 days
- Pregnancy or females who are lactating
- Current participation in an investigational drug or device study
- Otherwise determined by investigator to be medically unsuitable for participation