Rehabilitation of Visual Function After Brain Injury "IBOS-NVT"

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion criteria:
- 14 years or older with brain injury.
- Persons who experience significant vision impairment.
- Eye sight 6/18 or better.
- The time from symptoms onset to study inclusion is between 6 weeks and 9 months.
Exclusion criteria:
- Cognitive dysfunction.
- Persons with anosognosia or severe neglect.
- Inability to move independently at least 35 meters with or without assistance, including wheelchairs.
- Inability to understand Danish or with communication disorders that prevent participation in tests.
- Terminal disorder, other progressive disorder.
- Significant abuse of alcohol or euphoric or narcotic drugs.
- Serious disorders such as mental illness, especially severe depression.
- New brain injury or other significant disorders emerging after study inclusion.
- Impaired vision not due to brain damage, where the disorder is not considered to be permanent or where the field of vision does not cause significant disability.