Reflexive Coughing Force in Severe Aspirators


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Confirmed stroke lesions
- Confirmed aspiration during vfss or fees examinations

Exclusion Criteria

- Episode of acute pneumonia or pulmonary embolism at time of enrollment
- Previous history of chronic respiratory disorders or other systemic disorders that may affect respiratory function ( ex, rheumatoid disease, spinal cord injury)
- Stroke patients with multiple brain lesions
- Episode of Diaphragm weakness due to peripheral polyneuropathy or unilateral phrenic nerve palsy
- Previous episode of abdominal or thoracic surgery within one year of enrollment
- Concomitant diagnosis of myopathy, muscular dystrophy or other disorders that may affect respiratory muscles.
- Episode of rib fracture within one year of enrollment
- Chronic alcoholism
- Patient with previous diagnosis of dementia or with impaired cognitive function that may limit full participation at the evaluation
- Patient with tracheostomy state