Refinement and Clinical Evaluation of the H-Man for Arm Rehabilitation After Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- First ever clinical stroke (ischaemic or haemorrhagic) confirmed on brain imaging
- Duration post stroke: 3 months to 24 months
- Age 21 to 85 years
- Hemiplegic pattern of arm motor impairment with Shoulder abduction MRC motor power >/= 3/5 and elbow flexion MRC motor power >/= 3/5
- Affected upper limb Fugl Myer Motor Assessment (FMMA) scale 20-50
- And / or associated motor incoordination or motor ataxia

Exclusion Criteria

- Non stroke related causes of arm motor impairment
- Medical conditions incompatible with research participation: uncontrolled medical illnesses (hypertension or diabetes, heart failure, asthma, depression, end stage renal failure, terminal malignancy), life expectancy <6 months, unhealed fractures or severe arm pain (visual analogue scale VAS > 5/10, pregnancy
- Inability to tolerate sitting for 90 minutes.
- Local factors which preclude robotic interfacing or may be worsened by intensive arm therapy: spasticity of Modified Ashworth Scale grades 3-4, skin wounds, shoulder pain VAS >5/10, active fractures or arthritis or fixed flexion contractures of shoulder, elbow, wrist or fingers incompatible with interface with the H-man robot.
- Severe sensory impairment of affected limb
- Severe visual impairment, hemispatial neglect or homonymous hemianopia
- Cognitive impairments or uncontrolled behaviour. (Folstein mini mental state exam MMSE <26/28)