Reducing Risk of Recurrence "RRR"


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Well-documented history of stroke or TIA that occurred at least 3 months prior to enrollment;
- Age 21 years or older;
- Continuity of care in the VAMC primary care or neurology clinics, defined as at least 1 visit in either clinic during the past 1 year;
- On hypertensive and/or lipid-lowering agents;
- A score of >16 on the Mini-Mental Status Exam;
- ability to exercise (assessed by 6-minute walk or timed get up and go).

Exclusion Criteria

- Limited life expectancy due to a severe non-CVD related comorbid terminal illness such as cancer;
- No telephone number at which patient can be reached;
- Plans to relocate outside of the NYC area within the next 6 months;
- Inability to communicate over the telephone due to severe cognitive impairment or aphasia.