Reaching Training Based on Robotic Hybrid Assistance for Stroke Patients "RETRAINER-S1"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion criteria are:
- Adults male and/or female, 18-85 years old
- Patients who have suffered a first stroke with major unilateral functional impairment
- Acute event between two weeks and nine months before study enrollment
- Motricity Index of the affected side must be under 80% of best expected performance.
- No major contralateral impairment must be present (Motricity Index of the non-affected side more than 80% of normality)
- Residual muscular activity for arm and shoulder muscles (MRC > o = 1)
- Mini-Mental State Examination > 20
Exclusion criteria:
- Limitation for using the device due to impairment of Passive Range of Motion and/or Pain due to Spasticity evaluated using Modified Ashworth Scale
- Previus history of major neurological or psychiatric disorders
- allergy to electrodes