Reaching in Stroke 3rd Phase "RISP3"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- At least 19 years old
- Hemiplegia as a result of a non-traumatic cerebral stroke (ischaemic or hemorrhagic)
- Stroke occurred at least 3 months prior to study
- Ability to understand/follow directions and answer questions in English
- Ability to maintain a sitting position in a standard office chair without arm rests, independently or with minimal supervision, for 1.5 hours.
- Have the ability to perform the following movement several times with their weak arm (while seated): move their hand to their hip (on the same side as the weak arm), it's OK if they use their trunk to help themselves, and from that point of flexion moving it forward (without touching their thigh) to touch their knee (on the same side as the weak arm). They should be able to do this movement without any help from their strong hand.

Exclusion Criteria

- Upper limb orthopaedic surgery in the past 3 months
- Shoulder subluxation or significant shoulder pain
- Trunk pain
- Other orthopaedic or neurological conditions affecting the arm or trunk
- Severe uncorrected visual impairment that could prevent participants from completing the task