Rate of Atrial Fibrillation Through 12 Months in Patients With Recent Ischemic Stroke of Presumed Known Origin


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Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
Lee Schwamm, MD Principal Investigator
Richard Bernstein, PhD/MD Principal Investigator
Caroline Churchill, PhD Contact 763-526-1029 caroline.c.churchill@medtronic.com
Medtronic INC Contact Backup 1-800-328-2518
Kathleen Graham, BS, CCRP Contact Backup 763-526-7835 kathleen.a.graham@medtronic.com
Megan Mueller, BSN Contact 800-633-8766 megan.d.mueller@medtronic.com

Contacts by Location

Albany Medical Center Albany, New York, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Rizwan R. Alimohammad, MD Contact 646-229-1893 epstudy@me.com
Erin Orvis Contact Backup (518) 292-6053 eorvis@capitalcardiology.com
Erin Orvis, Study Coordinator Contact (518) 292-6053 eorvis@capitalcardiology.com
Rizwan Alimohammad, MD Principal Investigator
Aurora Saint Luke's Medical Center Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Khaled Asi Contact 414-385-4638 khaled.asi@aurora.org
Khaled Asi, MD Contact 414-385-4638 khaled.asi@aurora.org
Kate McPolin Contact Backup (414) 385-7125 kate.mcpolin@aurora.org
Kate McPolin, Study Coordinator Contact (414) 385-7125 kate.mcpolin@aurora.org
Rehan Sajjad, MD Principal Investigator
Baptist Health Lexington Lexington, Kentucky, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Curtis Given Contact Curtis.given@bhsi.com
Baylor Research Institute Dallas, Texas, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Dion Graybeal Contact 214-820-4561 dion.graybeal@baylorhealth.edu
Dion Graybeal, MD Principal Investigator 214-820-4561 dion.graybeal@baylorhealth.edu
Nazia Iram Contact Backup (214) 820-9907 Nazia.Iram@BSWHealth.org
Nazia Iram, Study Coordinator Contact (214) 820-9907 Nazia.Iram@BSWHealth.org
Cardiovascular Associates PC Birmingham, Alabama, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Chris Rowley, MD Principal Investigator 205-510-5000 crowley@cvapc.com
Tammy T Stover Contact Backup (205) 599-6374 tstover@cvapc.com
Suzanne Frew, Study Coordinator Contact 205-599-6386 sfrew@cvapc.com
Centra Medical Group Stroobants Cardiovascular Center Lynchburg, Virginia, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Matthew Sackett Contact 434-200-2727 matthew.sackett@centrahealth.com
Matthew Sackett, MD Principal Investigator 434-200-2727 matthew.sackett@centrahealth.com
Cindy Baumann Contact Backup (434) 200-2727 Cindy.Baumann@Centrahealth.com
Cindy Baumann, Study Coordinator Contact (434) 200-2727 Cindy.Baumann@Centrahealth.com
Cone Health Greensboro, North Carolina, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Pramod Sethi, MD Principal Investigator
Tammy Hedrick, Study Coordinator Contact (336) 273-2511 tammy.hedrick@conehealth.com
Cox Medical Center South Springfield, Missouri, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Richard Jung, MD Principal Investigator 417-875-3087
Spencer Pittman, Study Coordinator Contact (417) 269-7114 Spencer.Pittman@coxhealth.com
Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute Orlando, Florida, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Indrani Acosta Contact 407-215-4957 acostaindi@gmail.com
Indrani Acosta, MD Principal Investigator 407-215-4957 acostaindi@gmail.com
JAne Aly Contact Backup (407) 303-3243 jane.aly@flhosp.org
Jane Aly, Study Coordinator Contact (407) 303-3243 jane.aly@flhosp.org
Hackensack University Medical Center Hackensack, New Jersey, United States Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Patricia Arakelian, Study Coordinator Contact (551) 996-5722 patricia.arakelian@hackensackmeridian.org
Subasini Dash, MD Principal Investigator
Health Partners Institute Bloomington, Minnesota, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Haitham H. Hussein, MD Contact 651-495-6300 Haitham.M.Hussein@HealthPartners.Com
Maria Pyle Contact Backup (651) 495-6370 Maria.X.Pyle@HealthPartners.com
Jennifer Daly, Study Coordinator Contact 651-495-6368 Jennifer.J.Daly@HealthPartners.com
Haitham Hussein, MD Principal Investigator
HealthPartners Institute Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Chistina Podias, Study Coordinator Contact (214) 818-9688 christina.podias1@bswhealth.org
Matthew Ostrander, MD Principal Investigator
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Scott Kasner, MD Principal Investigator
Mary Liz DeSanto, Study Coordinator Contact (215) 661-4904 maryliz.desanto@uphs.upenn.edu
Houston Methodist Hospital Houston, Texas, United States Recruiting_status_icon
John Volpi Contact 713-441-3780 jjvolpi@houstonmethodist.org
John J. Volpi, MD Principal Investigator 713-441-3780 jjvolpi@houstonmethodist.org
Jonathan Wiese Contact Backup (713) 441-7161 jrwiese@houstonmethodist.org
Jonathan Wiese, Study Coordinator Contact (713) 441-7161 jrwiese@houstonmethodist.org
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York, New York, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Mandip Dhamoon Contact 212-241-2252 mandip.dhamoon@mssm.edu
Ricardo Renvill, Study Coordinator Contact (212) 241-2220 ricardo.renvill@mssm.edu
Mandip Dhamoon, MD Principal Investigator
Innovative Medical Research Aventura, Florida, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Howard Kreger Contact 305-918-0505 howiekreger@gmail.com
Angel Hernandez, Study Coodinator Contact 305-759-1881 innmed2@aol.com
Howard Kreger, MD Principal Investigator
Inova Fairfax Hospital Fairfax, Virginia, United States Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
John Cochran, MD Principal Investigator
Tricia Brannan, Study Coordinator Contact (703) 269-4759 tricia.brannan@inova.org
Lancaster General Hospital Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Deborah Ramsey, Study Coordinator Contact (717) 544-1777 dramsey2@lghealth.org
Murray Flaster, MD Principal Investigator
Lankenau Institute for Medical Research Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Lucas Margolies Contact lzm76@yahoo.com
LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation Greensboro, North Carolina, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Pramod Sethi Contact 336-273-2511 pramod.sethi@conehealth.com
Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Lee Schwamm, MD Principal Investigator
Scott Silverman, MD Principal Investigator
Gregory Tirrell, Study Coordinator Contact (617) 726-9163 Gregory.Tirrell@MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Medtronic, Inc Mounds View, Minnesota, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Jennifer L Heim Contact 763-526-3553
Mercy Clinic Cardiology St Louis, Missouri, United States Recruiting_status_icon
David Rempe Contact 314-251-6075 david.rempe@mercy.net
Mercy Clinic Cardiology Saint Louis, Missouri, United States Recruiting_status_icon
David Rempe Contact 314-251-6075 david.rempe@mercy.net
Mary Wilcox, Study Coordinator Contact (314) 251-7899 mary.wilcox@mercy.net
David Rempe, MD Principal Investigator
Northwell Health Manhasset, New York, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Melissa Eng, Study Coordinator Contact (516) 881-7046 meng2@northwell.edu
Paul Wright, MD Principal Investigator
Northwestern University Chicago, Illinois, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Richard Bernstein Contact 312-695-7950 r-bernstein@northwestern.edu
Richard Bernstein, MD Principal Investigator
Jose Zavala, Study Coordinator Contact 312-503-6212 Jose.zavala@northwestern.edu
Norton Neuroscience Institute Louisville, Kentucky, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Nadeem Talpur Contact 502-394-6460 nadeem.talpur@nortonhealthcare.org
Debbie Ritchey, Study Coordinator Contact (502) 446-8544 debbie.ritchey@nortonhealthcare.org
Nadeem Talpur, MD Principal Investigator
NYU Langone Medical Center New York, New York, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Koto Ishida Contact 212-263-7744 Koto.ishida@nyumc.org
Oksana Tatarina, Study Coordinaotr Contact (212) 263-7704 oksana.tatarina@nyumc.org
Koto Ishida, MD Principal Investigator
Overlook Medical Center Summit, New York, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Robert Felberg Contact 908-522-4983 robert.felberg@atlantichealth.org
Patrice Light, Study Coordinator Contact (908) 522-5768 Patrice.Light@atlantichealth.org
Robert Felberg, MD Principal Investigator
Sacred Heart Springfield, Oregon, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Elaine Skalabrin, MD Principal Investigator
Elaine Skalabrin Contact 541-912-6653 eskalabrin@peacehealth.org
Penny OLeary, Study Coodinator Contact (541) 912-6653 POleary@peacehealth.org
Saint Thomas Research Institute Nashville, Tennessee, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Franke LaFranchise Principal Investigator 615-222-3831 frank.Lafranchise@sth.org
Hollie Horton, Study Coordinator Contact 615-222-3865 Hollie.Horton@Ascension.org
Franke LaFranchise, MD Principal Investigator
Scared Heart Springfield, Oregon, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Elaine Skalabrin Contact 541-912-6653 eskalabrin@peacehealth.org
Scripps Green Hospital La Jolla, California, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Mary Kalafut, MD Principal Investigator
Linda Couts, Study Coordinator Contact (858) 824-8463 couts.linda@scrippshealth.org
The Queens Medical Center Honolulu, Hawaii, United States Recruiting_status_icon
David Singh, MD Principal Investigator
Malia Young, Study Coordinator Contact (808) 691-8768 mayoung@queens.org
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Blair Apple, Study Coordinator Contact (405) 271-4658 Blair-Apple@ouhsc.edu
Evgeny Sidorov, MD Principal Investigator
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Buffalo, New York, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Marilou Ching, MD Principal Investigator
Ashkan Mowla Contact 716-859-7615 mowla@buffalo.edu
Annemarie Crumlish, Study Coordinator Contact (716) 887-5200 Ac35@buffalo.edu
University of California San Francisco UCSF Medical Center San Francisco, California, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Karl Meisel, MD Principal Investigator Karl.Meisel@ucsf.edu
University of Miami Hospital Miami, Florida, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Iszet Campo-Bustillo, Study Coordinator Contact (305) 243-8018 icampo@med.miami.edu
Sebastitan Koch, MD Principal Investigator
University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center Dallas, Texas, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Mark Johnson, MD Principal Investigator
Mark Johnson Contact 214-648-3748 Mark.Johnson@UTSouthwestern.edu
Jan Cameron, Study Coordinator Contact (214) 648-3748 Jan.CameronWatts@UTSouthwestern.edu