Quantification of UE Use and Effects of Feedback in the Home Setting "OPTASpr2016"


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Trial Description

The investigators are proposing a pilot study, the purpose of which is to use accelerometers to quantify UE use (1 and two hand use) in people post-stroke from which the investigators will develop use-based feedback to improve recovery in the home setting. The objectives of this pilot study are to:
i.) determine the feasibility of using accelerometers to quantify amount of UE use in the home setting in individuals chronic post-stroke,
ii.) quantify and compare the unilateral activity of the weaker (paretic) versus stronger (non-paretic) UEs, and
iii.) assess the effect of a 7 sessions of in-home accelerometer used-based feedback on unilateral and bilateral UE use.
iv.) assess kinematic, kinetic, and EMG data during UE movements unilaterally and bilaterally in subjects post-chronic stroke pre and post feedback.




Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary Accelerometer based paretic arm amount of use 3 week period