Quality of Life After Stroke Using a Telemedicine-based Stroke Network "STROKE TeleQOL"


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Trial Description

To study the effect of a telemedicine model of stroke care on patient-based outcomes.

Detailed Description

Approximately 750,000 patients suffer from ischemic stroke (AIS) annually in the United States. AIS is a a leading cause of long-term disability and the third-leading cause of mortality. Effective therapies exist to ameliorate the disability associated with AIS, but implementation of these therapies is time-sensitive. Currently, there is a shortage in health care professionals with expertise in the treatment of stroke and such expertise tends to be concentrated in large community-based or academic medical centers. To respond to this shortage, stroke networks are being organized in a "hub-and-spoke" model to facilitate the rapid delivery of time-sensitive interventions such as intravenous (i.v.) tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) or rapid evaluation for AIS. Some networks are also using telemedicine to facilitate this approach and bring the needed expertise via robotic tele-presence (RTP). Though the accuracy of stroke diagnosis and i.v. tPA utilization may be higher in RTP based networks, the impact of this model on patient's outcomes has been difficult to elucidate. To this end, meaningful validated outcome assessments are crucial to understand the impact of stroke interventions including telemedicine or RTP based networks. The objective of this study is to translate evidence-based practice of healthcare, patient-centered outcome assessments, and patient-family perceptions of delivery of care into meaningful data. This will aid in the validation of the role of interventions such as "hub-and-spoke" RTP based models in stroke care.



  • Alteplase Drug
    Intervention Desc: Intravenous (i.v.) tPA per the standard of care
    ARM 1: Kind: Experimental
    Label: Exposed
    Description: AIS patients evaluated through RTP and who receive i.v. tPA

Trial Design

  • Observation: Cohort
  • Perspective: Prospective
  • Sampling: Non-Probability Sample

Trial Population

This research will be performed only in AIS patients who are routinely admitted to our "Hub" and participating "spoke" centers.


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary HRQoL 6 months No
Secondary mRS 6 months No