Proprioceptive Stimulation With Manual Bilateral Rhythmic Exercise in Post-stroke Patients "BAT"


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. time since stroke up to 6 months,
2. presence of the upper limb plegia (0 point according to the Medical Research Council scale),
3. passive range of motion (ROM) completely free,
4. absence of primary joint trauma of the wrist, elbow and shoulder,

Exclusion Criteria

1. increased muscle tone (score higher than 1 point in modified Ashworth scale),
2. apraxia (De Renzi test < 62 points),
3. global sensory aphasia (clinical notes),
4. neglect (clinical notes),
5. cognitive impairments (Mini Mental State Examination test < 24 points) ,
6. severe sensitivity disorders ( < 1 point in items shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb at the proprioceptive sensitivity section of the Fugl-Meyer scale),
7. stroke lesion located in the cerebellum (clinical notes).