Prevention of Ischemic Conditions in Non-disabling Stroke/Transient Ischemic Attack With Remote Ischemic Conditioning "PICNIC-ONE"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. Eighteen years old or older of any gender or race;
2. Diagnosed with a non-cardiogenic MIS/TIA within 14 days; MIS is defined by an ischemic stroke of score of 3 or less on the NIHSS at the time of inclusion, TIA is defined as neurologic deficit attributed to focal brain ischemia, with symptoms resolution within 24 h of symptom onset, Symptom onset is defined by the "last see normal" principle;
3. Stable vital signs, normal cardiac, hepatic and renal functions;
4. Able to consent by himself/herself or by legally authorized representative.

Exclusion Criteria

1. Diagnosis of hemorrhage or other pathology, such as vascular malformation, tumor, abscess or other non-vascular diseases, based on brain CT or MRI;
2. Modified Rankin Scale score > 2 at inclusion;
3. Received iv. recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA) therapy or interventional treatment for the current event;
4. Contradiction for aspirin or clopidogrel (known allergy, severe asthma or heart failure et al.) ;
5. Clear indication for anticoagulation therapy ( cardiac source of embolus);
6. Hemorrhagic tendency of any reason (including but not limit to Hemostatic disorder, platelet count <100 × 109/L, history of drug-induced hepatic dysfunction);
7. Any hemorrhagic transformation;
8. Gastrointestinal bleed or major surgery within 3 months of symptoms onset;
9. Stroke or TIA induced by interventional therapy or surgery;
10. Any upper extremity soft tissue, vascular injury or peripheral blood vessel disease which may contraindicate RIC;
11. Systolic blood pressure greater than 200 mmHg after medication;
12. Planned revascularization (any angioplasty or vascular surgery) within the next 3 months ;
13. Scheduled for surgery or interventional treatment requiring RIC cessation within next 3 months;
14. Severe noncardiovascular comorbidity with life expectancy < 3 months;
15. Pregnancy;
16. Currently receiving an investigational drug or device by other studies.