Preventing Recurrent Stroke in Minority Populations


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Non-Hispanic white, Non-Hispanic Black or Hispanic patients hospitalized at one of the four participating hospitals for acute stroke or TIA or rehabilitation immediately following an acute stroke. Patients must speak English or Spanish, must be able to communicate verbally, and must be cognitively aware and able to participate in group discussions.

Exclusion Criteria

This study is about racial and ethnic disparities regarding recurrent stroke in Non-Hispanic white, Non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic populations. The study does not include other races. We are excluding anyone who is under 40 years old because the etiology of stroke for these patients is different than older patients. Patients will be excluded who had a stroke secondary to substance abuse or who had an intra-cerebral hemorrhage stroke. We will also exclude patients who have been incapacitated to an extent that they are unable to comprehend a conversation or communicate effectively in a group setting. Additionally, patients will be excluded if they are discharged to a nursing home or who will move out of the New York City area after discharge.