Practice Structure on Motor Learning in Post-Stroke Patients


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. First cerebrovascular accident
2. Lesion covering the middle and the anterior cerebral artery territories
3. Presence of hemiplegia or hemiparesis
4. Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) score above 24 (19)
5. Sufficient attention and comprehension to perform the task
6. Absence of other associated neurological diseases.

Exclusion Criteria

1. Acute medical problems
2. Uncorrected vision loss
3. Previous history of psychiatric admission
4. History of multiple strokes, transient ischemic attacks
5. Pathology of the less affected, ipsilateral to stroke upper extremity that would affect ability to perform the task
6. Score of 23 or less on the MMSE
7. Difficulty in comprehension of verbal command and simple instructions
8. Aphasia of comprehension.