Power Mobility Training for Persons With Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- be an inpatient at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre with a primary diagnosis of stroke within the previous 6 months;
- be competent to provide informed consent;
- have permission of the attending physician to participate;
- require no more than minimal assistance for verbal/non-verbal communication and auditory comprehension as evaluated by a therapist or by chart review of the baseline CIHI evaluation;27
- be able to attend during a 20-minute therapy session as evaluated by the occupational or physical therapist;
- use a manual wheelchair for at least 1 hour per day;
- be able to be safely seated in the power wheelchair that we will be using for the study;
- have no significant visual impairment (such that a subject would be unable to see barriers) as evaluated by his/her therapist based on his/her performance during functional tasks;
- Not currently be using a power wheelchair
- have no physical or mental health condition (as determined by the health-care team) that would make participation dangerous.

Exclusion Criteria

- none