Post Stroke Hand Functions: Bilateral Movements and Electrical Stimulation Treatments


Phase 2 Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- an ability to complete 10º of wrist or finger extension from a 60 - 65 º flexed position
- score less than a 56 on the UE subscale of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment
- an ability to voluntarily activate slight movements in the wrist and fingers so that the EMG activity reaches a minimal level on the microprocessor for electrical stimulation to be activated
- unilateral, first stroke of ischemic or hemorrhagic origin in the carotid artery distribution
- free of major post stroke complications
- able to attend therapy 2 days/week or 4 days/week for 2 weeks
- score at least a 16 on the Mini Mental Status Examination
- able to discriminate sharp from dull and light touch using traditional sensation tests.

Exclusion Criteria

- hemiparetic arm is insensate
- motor impairments from stroke on opposite side of body
- pre-existing neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or dementia
- Legal blindness or severe visual impairment; 5) Life expectancy less than one year
- Severe arthritis or orthopedic problems that limit passive ranges of motion of upper extremity (passive finger extension < 40º; passive wrist extension < 40º; passive elbow extension <40º; shoulder flexion/abduction < 80º)
- History of sustained alcoholism or drug abuse in the last six months
- Has pacemaker or other implanted device
- pregnant