PETRO Stroke Prevention in Patients With AF by Treatment With Dabigatran, With and Without Aspirin, Compared to Warfarin


Phase 2 Results

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1160.20.10010 Fayetteville Arkansas United States Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.10003 La Mesa Cardiac La Mesa California United States Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.10006 The Ford Research Institute, PA Pensacola Florida United States Unknown_status_icon
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1160.20.10012 Pittsfield Massachusetts United States Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.10007 Troy Michigan United States Unknown_status_icon
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1160.20.10013 New Hyde Park New York United States Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.10009 North Durham North Carolina United States Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.10001 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.10005 Germantown Tennessee United States Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45010 Aalborg Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45005 Aarhus Sygehus Aarhus C Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45007 Medicinsk afdeling Brædstrup Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45011 Medicinsk afd. Esbjerg Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45012 Afdeling B3 Frederikssund Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45003 Forskningscentret plan 3 Helsingør Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45004 Herlev Hospital Herlev Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45009 Medicinsk amb. B8 Holbæk Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45002 Kardiologisk afdeling Hvidovre Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45014 Hjertemedicinsk afd. Køge Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45001 Kardiologisk Laboratorium Odense Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45013 Kardiologisk afd. Roskilde Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.45006 Medicinsk afdeling Svendborg Denmark Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46013 HIA, Mälarsjukhuset Eskilstuna Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46007 Falu Lasarett Falun Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46005 Ryhovs Länssjukhus Jönköping Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46010 Länssjukhuset Kalmar Kalmar Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46009 Universitetssjukhuset MAS Malmö Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46008 Vrinnevisjukhuset Norrköping Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46002 Södersjukhuset Stockholm Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46011 Arytmienheten, Med klin Stockholm Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46006 Norrlands Universitetssjukhus Umeå Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46003 Centrallasarettet Västerås Sweden Unknown_status_icon
1160.20.46004 Universitetssjukhuset Örebro Sweden Unknown_status_icon