Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Events or "PAVE"


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

- Aged 75 years or less AND 50% or more blockage of at least one artery in the heart,
- Heart problems in the last 3 years (including previous heart attack),
- Previous heart bypass surgery, or previous heart angioplasty with or without a stent, AND at least 6 natural teeth present in the mouth AND evidence of mild to severe gum problems.
Any of the following:
- A major illness requiring hospitalization,
- Renal dialysis,
- Serum creatinine > 3 mg/dl,
- Organ transplant recipient requiring immunosuppression medication,
- Surgery needed in the next 3 years,
- Chemotherapy in the past 3 years,
- Head and/or neck radiation at any time in the past,
- Liver dysfunction,
- Class IV congestive heart failure,
- Drug or alcohol abuse,
- Pacemaker or AICD/defibrillator.