Pediatric Hemiplegia: Synergistic Treatment Using rTMS and CIT


Phase 1 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- at least 10 degrees of active finger (metacarpophalangeal joint) and wrist flexion/extension motion,
- ability to see whether a computer screen cursor is slightly above/below a target line,
- ability to understand finger tracking test evidenced by a score above 0,
- evidence of an MEP in paretic hand muscle with TMS testing of ipsilesional M1, age-equivalent receptive language function.

Exclusion Criteria

- metabolic disorders,
- neoplasm,
- seizures,
- disorders of cellular migration and proliferation,
- lack of age appropriate receptive language function,
- expressive aphasia,
- pregnancy,
- claustrophobia,
- indwelling metal or MRI incompatible medical devices,
- gross visual field cuts.