Patient Targeted Upper Extremity Rehabilitation After Stroke "TARG"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Individuals are eligible for this study if they have:
- experienced a stroke at least 3 months prior that has resulted in unilateral hemiparesis.
- exhibit voluntarily paretic arm shoulder flexion 30 degrees with simultaneous elbow extension 20 degrees.
- impairment with overhead reach and wrist circumduction and fine motor dexterity.
- passive range of motion in affected shoulder, elbow and wrist within 20 degrees of normal values.

Exclusion Criteria

Individuals are not eligible for this study if they have:
- a lesion in the brainstem or cerebellum.
- another neurological disease that may impair motor skills (e.g., Parkinson's Disease).
- pain in the affected upper extremity that would limit participation in the study intervention.
- difficulty understanding and following 3-step directions.
- difficulty sitting independently without postural support.
- an orthopedic condition or impaired corrected vision that alters the kinematics of reaching.
- are unable to travel to and remain in Charleston SC for the duration of the 4-week study.