Paraorbital-Occipital Alternating Current Stimulation Therapy of Patients With Post-Chiasmatic Lesions

Active, not recruiting

Phase 2/3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- lesion of the tractus opticus or of the visual cortex
- lesion age > 6 months
- stable visual field defect with residual vision

Exclusion Criteria

- electric or electronic implants, e.g. heart pacer
- any metal artefacts in the head
- Epilepsy
- Auto-immune diseases in acute stage
- mental diseases, e.g. schizophrenia etc.
- diabetic retinopathy
- addictive diseases
- blood pressure above 160/100 mmHg
- instable or high level of intraocular pressure above 27 mmHg
- retinitis pigmentosa
- pathological nystagmus
- presence of an un-operated tumor or tumor relapse (patients with non-progressive tumor are eligible if study participation is recommended by medical authorities)
- focal findings in EEG or photosensitivity (patients with single seizure more than 10 yrs ago may participate)
- recurrent transitional ischemic attacks after stroke
- arteriosclerosis of large blood vessels with stenosis >75%
- severe coronary heart disease (CHD)
- unstable angina pectoris
- diabetes with blood glucose level > 9 mmol/l
- myocard infarct/ cardiomyopathy
- ventricular fibrillation
- risk of vascular thrombosis
- pregnant or breast-feeding women