Observation of the Gait Cycle in Patients With Hemiplegia in Order to Improve the Triggering of Functional Electrical Stimulation "MASEA"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- patient has had a first ischemic or hemorragic stroke (supratentorial) within the last 6 months for the "recent stroke" group, or more than a year ago for the "old stroke" group
- the patient can walk 10 m without human help, with or without a cane, and a deficit of the foot levator requiring the use of technical assistance to remedy this or involving walking problems
- electrostimulated contraction of the anterior tibialis is possible
- patient has been informed and has signed the consent form

Exclusion Criteria

- cognitive disorder making participation in the study difficult
- fixed plantar flexion, knee extended below 0°
- patient refuses to sign consent
- patient is not covered by a social security system
- patient is under any kind of guardianship