Novel Brain Signal Feedback Paradigm to Enhance Motor Learning After Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Cognition sufficiently intact to give valid informed consent to participate.*
- Sufficient endurance to participate in rehabilitation sessions.
- Ability to follow 2 stage commands.
- Medically Stable
- Age > 21 years.
- Impaired upper limb function as follows: impaired ability to flex and extend the wrist.
- At least 5 degrees of wrist flexion and extension of the wrist.
- Passive ROM of wrist extension of at least 20 degrees.
- At least 6 months post stroke.

Exclusion Criteria

- Metal implants, pacemaker, claustrophobia, inability to operate the MRI patient call button or any other contraindications for MRI.
- Acute or progressive cardiac (including cardiac arrhythmias), renal, respiratory, neurological disorders or malignancy.
- Active psychiatric diagnosis or psychological condition, or active drug/alcohol abuse.
- Lower motor neuron damage or radiculopathy.
- More than one stroke.
- Pregnancy (discontinued from the study, if a woman becomes pregnant). * The combined scores for the Aid to Capacity Evaluation (ACE) and Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) as follows:
- MMSE 24-30 + the ACE score that states 'definitely capable'
- MMSE 17 - 23 + the ACE score that states 'probably capable'