Nordic Diltiazem Study "NORDIL"


Phase N/A Results


Both diltiazem and diuretics/beta-blockers lowered blood pressure. Although there was no difference in the reduction in diastolic blood pressure (18.7 mmHg for both), there was some distinction in the systolic reduction (20.3 mmHg for diltiazem and 23.3 mmHg for diuretics/beta blockers; P < 0.001). Stroke occurred at a rate of 6.4 events per 1000 patient-years (e/p-y) in the diltiazem group, and 7.9 e/p-y in the diuretic/beta-blocker group (P = 0.04). MI was seen at a rate of 7.4 e/p-y in the diltiazem group, and 6.3 e/p-y in the diuretics/beta-blocker group (P = 0.17). There was no significant difference in any other outcome.