New Technology for Individualised, Intensive Training of Gait After Stroke Study I "HAL-RCT-II"


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Eligibility Criteria

Patients aged 18-67 will be recruited from 1) the University Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm and 2) Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, where they are admitted to inpatient rehabilitation early after stroke. Inclusion criteria will be: less than 8 weeks since stroke onset; inability to walk independently due to lower extremity paresis (i.e. Functional Ambulation Categories (FAC) score 0-1), able to sit on a bench with or-without supervision at least 5 minutes; sufficient postural control to allow upright position in standing with aids and/or manual support; ability to understand training instructions as well as written and oral study information and to express informed consent; body size compatible with the HAL suit. Exclusion criteria include: contracture restricting gait movements at any lower limb joint; cardiovascular or other somatic condition incompatible with intensive gait training; and severe, contagious infections.