Neuroprotection With Minocycline Therapy for Acute Stroke Recovery Trial "NeuMAST"


Phase 4 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Singapore citizens or permanent residents
- Age range between 21 to 80 years
- NIHSS equal or more than 5 but less than 22 at time of admission
- Clinical diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke according to WHO criteria
- Onset of stroke between 3 to 48 hours prior to start of treatment
- Must have a working telephone line

Exclusion Criteria

- Long term residents of Institutions and Nursing homes
- Patients with significant baseline cognitive dysfunction
- Patients with hemorrhagic stroke
- Pre-stroke MRS more than 1
- Evidence of other disease of the CNS (i.e., brain tumor, CNS infections)
- Known allergic response to tetracycline
- Acute or Chronic renal failure
- Hepatitis or liver disease
- Pre-existing infectious disease requiring antibiotics
- Receipts of IV rTPA
- Participation in another clinical trial in the preceding 3 months
- Unable or unwilling to provide inform consent
- Unwilling to return for frequent clinic visits
- Geographic or social factors making the study participation impractical