Neuroprosthesis for Retraining Reaching and Grasping Functions in Severe Hemiplegic Patients


Phase N/A Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Stroke (confirmed by CT or MRI scan)patients with severe unilateral upper extremity paralysis (CMSMR scores 1 or 2) confirmed by attending physician.

Exclusion Criteria

Patient had global aphasia or had significant language barrier as determined by an attending speech language pathologist; skin rash, allergy or wounds at the locations where stimulation electrodes were expected to be placed; seizure episodes; edema in the paralyzed arm or had Shoulder Hand Syndrome; early signs of spontaneous recovery of the hemiplegic arm and hand functions (within first three weeks postonset of stroke) and had a score of motor recovery greater than 2 according to the Chedoke McMaster Stages of Motor Recovery.