Natural History of Stroke: Cause and Development


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Eligibility Criteria

1. Age greater than 18
1. Patient is less than 18 years of age.
2. Subjects with contraindication to MRI scanning will be excluded from any testing which involves the use of MRI. These contraindications include subjects with the following devices or conditions:
1. Central nervous system aneurysm clips;
2. Implanted neural stimulator;
3. Implanted cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator;
4. Cochlear implant;
5. Ocular foreign body (e.g. metal shavings);
6. Insulin pump;
7. Metal shrapnel or bullet;
8. Any implanted device that is incompatible with MRI.
Subjects with a condition precluding entry into the scanner (e.g. morbid obesity, claustrophobia, etc.) will not be included in the MRI portion of this study. Pregnant women will be excluded from testing which involves the use of MRI.
3. Subjects will be excluded from 7T imaging if they are at risk of aspiration or have any condition that may require precipitous removal from the scanner.