Multimodal Resonance Imaging for Outcome Prediction on Coma Patients "MRI-Coma"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Adult affiliated to the social security system
- Hospitalized in neuroICU and requiring artificial ventilation following a severe cranial trauma, an ischemic and/or hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident and/or a cerebral anoxia
- In coma defined as not answering simple orders at least 7 days after the event
- Receiving an amount of sedatives and not being able to explain the coma
- Having a standardized intracranial pressure (≤ 15 mm Hg) and in absence of severe hemodynamic or respiratory failure so that the MRI does not represent any additional danger

Exclusion Criteria

- Coma of infectious or toxic origin
- Coma explained by sedation
- MRI contraindication (pace maker, medical material not MRI compatible)
- Persistent intracranial hypertension contraindicating the setting in prolonged dorsal decubitus (ICP > 20 mm Hg during more than 10 minutes after positioning on decubitus)
- Severe hemodynamic failure
- Severe respiratory failure
- Life threatening extra-cerebral lesions
- Cranial trauma of ballistic origin
- Patient presenting a severe compromise of a major function bringing into play the vital outcome, with invalidity before the accident/event
- Former neurological pathology altering the clinical outcome of the cranial trauma
- Refusal of the family
- Patient protected by the law (under supervision or trusteeship)