Multicenter Efficacy Study of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in Acute Ischemic Stroke "ESS"


Phase 2/3 Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Ischemic stroke in the middle cerebral artery territory
- Clearly defined time of onset
- Confirmed by MRI (DWI, Flair)
- NIH Stroke Scale ≥ 5
- Age > 18 years
- Treatment within 6h after onset of symptoms
- Informed consent by patient, relatives or independent physician
- Life expectancy > 90 days

Exclusion Criteria

- Coma or precoma (level of consciousness ≥ 2 in NIH Stroke Scale)
- Previous stroke within the same territory
- Intracranial or subarachnoidal hemorrhage
- Traumatic brain injury or brain operation within the last 4 weeks
- Neoplasia, septic embolism, infectious endocarditis
- MRI contraindications
- Renal failure (i.e. dependent on dialysis)
- Known malignant/life-threatening disease
- Known myeloproliferative disorder, polycythemia
- Known allergy or antibodies against erythropoietin
- Participation in other intervention trials
- Pregnancy