Motor Recovery of the Severely Impaired Paretic Upper Limb After Mirror Therapy in Sub-acute Stroke


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- age 35 years or older
- first stroke within the first month after stroke onset;
- has upper limb paresis contralateral to the side of cerebral hemisphere with stroke;
- Presence of active movements (at least flicker of movement in gravity free position, but not able to accomplish full range of motion against gravity) at any one joint of shoulder, elbow and hand of hemiplegic arm, and Motricity Index less than 47.
- Able to follow instructions

Exclusion Criteria

- has visual impairment not correctable by corrective lens;
- has cognitive impairment (Mini-Mental State Examination score < 22/30)
- has comprehension or expression aphasia;
- Presence of visuospatial neglect
- has premorbid neurological or musculoskeletal conditions that affect movements in the upper limbs