Micro-embolic Signals Detection With Transcranial HOLter in Acute Ischemic STroke "HOLISTER"

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Ischemic stroke in the middle cerebral artery territory
- Acute ischemic stroke within the 7 first days from the onset of the symptoms
- Patient hospitalized in our stroke care unit
- Man or woman older than 18 years
- Patient affiliated to a social security system
- Free Consent, informed writing signed by the participant or the person of confidence and the investigator (no later than the day of inclusion and before any examination required by research)

Exclusion Criteria

- Transient ischemic stroke
- Ischemic stroke in the vertebro-basilar or anterior cerebral artery territory.
- Proximal middle cerebral artery occlusion leading to the impossibility of recording
- Patient who could not express his consent
- Patient under guardianship or judicial protection
- Pregnant or breastfeeding woman
- Emergency situation
- Life expectancy under 6 months
Exclusion criteria (after inclusion) :
- Absent of bilateral Acoustic window
- Analyzable Recording <30min