Metrological Characteristics of the Inertial Unit "FOX HiKoB©" in Comparison With the Reference System for the Adaptive Trigger System "Functional Electrical Stimulation" of Foot Elevators in Hemiplegic Post-stroke Patients "MASEA 2"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- The patient must have given his/her informed and signed consent
- The patient must be insured or beneficiary of a health insurance plan
- Stroke, ischemic or hemorrhagic, supra-tentorial, regardless of the post-stroke period
- The patient can walk 10m without human help, with or without a cane and has a foot elevator deficit requiring the use of technical assistance or causing a walking defect

Exclusion Criteria

- The patient is participating in another study
- The patient is in an exclusion period determined by a previous study
- The patient or his/her representative refuses to sign the consent
- It is impossible to correctly inform the patient
- The patient is pregnant or breastfeeding
- The patient has cognitive impairment
- Presence of permanent plantar flexion of the ankle joint with ankle dorsiflexion, knee straight, lower than 0°.
- Uncontrolled epilepsy