Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Ischemic Stroke "SAMCIS"


Phase 1/2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. acute ischemic stroke
2. age 18 to 83 years
3. post stroke mRS > 3
4. NIHSS of 7-25
5. Deficits on the total NIHSS can be lower than 7 provided the patients have moderate aphasia or visual loss (2 on the Best Language or Visual loss NIHSS subcomponent) *Criteria for mRS not used for this category of subjects
6. Last seen normal st within 3-9 days prior to stroke. Time of onset for wake-up stroke will be defined as the time the patient woke up with symptoms.
7. stem cell transplantation procedure must be performed between 3-10 days after stroke symptom onset

Exclusion Criteria

1. Ischemic stroke, primary hemorrhagic or traumatic lesion of the brain or myocardial infarction within past 30 days prior to current stroke.
2. Mechanical heart valve
3. Uncontrolled seizure disorder, defined as a seizure within the last 6 months
4. Developmental delay
5. Chronic kidney disease
6. Hepatic disease or altered liver function
7. Pulmonary disease
8. Cancer within 5 years prior to study
9. Prior immunosuppression, including chemotherapy within last 3 years
10. Known HIV
11. Uncorrected coagulopathy or severe anemia
12. Pregnancy
13. Unable to undergo MRI or CT scan
14. Imaging shows clinically significant hemorrhage