Mental Practice in Chronic, Stroke Induced Hemiparesis


Phase 2/3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- a Fugl-Meyer score > 27, which is indicative of minimal to moderate arm impairment;
- stroke experienced > 6 months prior to study enrollment;
- minimal cognitive impairment, a score > 25 on the Folstein Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE);
- age > 21 years old and < 80 years old;
- have experienced one clinical stroke as verified by a physician;
- discharged from all forms of physical rehabilitation targeting the affected arm.

Exclusion Criteria

- < 21 years old;
- excessive pain in the affected hand, arm or shoulder, as measured by a score > 5 on a 10-point visual analog scale;
- excessive spasticity in the affected biceps, triceps, wrist, or fingers, as defined as a score of greater than or equal to 2 on the Modified Ashworth Spasticity Scale;
- currently participating in any experimental rehabilitation or drug studies targeting UE;
- mirrors movements(i.e., involuntary movements by the unaffected hand during attempts at unilateral movement by the stroke-affected hand during attempts at unilateral movement by the stroke-affected hand);
- history of parietal stroke (because some data suggest that ability to estimate manual motor performance through mental imagery is disturbed after parietal lobe damage);
- affected arm joint restriction that in the opinion of the investigator would hinder study participation