Mechanisms of Early Recurrence in Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease "MyRIAD"


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Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
Shyam Prabhakaran, MD Principal Investigator 312-563-2518
David S Liebeskind, MD Principal Investigator
Jose G Romano, MD Contact
Iszet C Bustillo, MD, MPH Contact Backup 305-243-8018

Contacts by Location

Columbia University Medical Center New York, New York, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Mitchell S Elkind, MD Contact 212-305-1710
Wayna Paulino-Hernandez Contact Backup 212 305-1710
Rebeca Aragon Garcia Contact Backup 212 305-7755
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Jacksonville, Florida, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Josephine Huang, MD Contact 904-953-0302
Susan Melton Contact Backup 904-953-8927
Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Tanya Turan, MD Contact 843-792-9796
Todd LeMatty Contact Backup 843-792-9796
Northwestern University Chicago, Illinois, United States Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Sameer Ansari, MD Contact 312-926-4251
Northwestern University Department of Radiology Chicago, Illinois, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Sameer Ansari, MD Contact 312-695-0689
Ayesha Muzaffar Contact Backup 312-926-4251
Rush University Medical Center Chicago, Illinois, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Sarah Y Song, MD Contact 312-563-2208
Stephanie Dahl, RN Contact Backup 312-563-2208
Tiffany Singson Contact Backup 312-563-2208
SUNY-University at Buffalo Buffalo, New York, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Elad Levy, MD Contact 716-218-1010
Jennifer Gay, CCRP Contact Backup 716-888-4811
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dallas, Texas, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Mark Johnson, MD Contact 214-648-7811
Jan Cameron-Watts, RN Contact Backup 214-648-0363
UCLA Los Angeles, California, United States Recruiting_status_icon
David S Liebeskind, MD Contact 310-963-5539
Graham Woolf Contact Backup 310.963.5539
University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham, Alabama, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Mark Harrigan, MD Contact 205-934-3131
Lisa Nelson, RN Contact Backup 205-934-3131
University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Anna Khanna, MD Contact 352-273-5550
Sonisha A Warren, PhD Contact Backup 352-273-5575
University of Miami Miami, Florida, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Jose G Romano, MD Contact
Iszet C Bustillo, MPH Contact 305-243-8018