Mechanical Muscle Activity With Real-time Kinematics (M-MARK): A Novel Combination of Existing Technologies to Improve Arm Recovery Following Stroke

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Aged 18 years old or older.
- Between 1 and 20 weeks post clinical diagnosis of stroke with residual upper limb movement deficits.
- Currently undergoing upper limb rehabilitation post-stroke within early supported discharge.
- Be able to lift hemiparetic arm from lap onto a table.
- Physically and cognitively able to comply with study protocol (Score 19 or higher on the Montreal cognitive assessment [9] (scores between 19-25 corresponds to mild cognitive impairment, and 25-30 represent normal cognition). For aphasic patients, the Oxford cognitive screen (OCS) will be used to determine cognitive status.
- Able to walk to or transfer to a chair and bring it up to a table nearby, independently or have assistance of a carer as required.
- Able to effectively don and doff the garment independently or have a carer who is able and willing to assist them.
- Be medically stable enough to undergo arm rehabilitation, as determined by the ESD team.

Exclusion Criteria

- Unable to understand the purpose of the study, follow simple instructions and give informed consent
- Unable to provide useful feedback (either patient or carer) due to communication difficulties post stroke.
- A maximum level of arm function - full movement of the elbow, shoulder and hand with the only unresolved impairment being fine dexterity.
- Requirement of an interpreter.
- A skin disease or allergy to garment material including: Nylon, Polypropylene or Polyester.
- Severe pain of the hemiparetic arm, shoulder or hand, either at rest or during movement.