Maraviroc to Augment Rehabilitation Outcomes After Stroke "MAROS"


Phase 2/3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Transfer to inpatient rehabilitation within 4 weeks of stroke onset
- Single ischemic or subcortical hemorrhagic infarct;
- At the time of randomization, hemiparesis with 4/5 or less strength at the hip and ankle flexors and extensors
- Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score for ambulation ≥3 to walk at least 10 steps;
- Caregiver available for at least two hours a day for practice and transportation when needed;
- Adequate language skills to read and understand the Informed Consent and retain information during daily therapies.

Exclusion Criteria

- Prior stroke with persisting motor impairment or disability;
- Limited resources or illness that will not enable a return to living outside of a facility;
- Any medical condition that had limited daily physical activity to walking no more than 2 blocks outdoors prior to the stroke (e.g., claudication, congestive heart failure or lower extremity pain);
- History of dementia or Mini Mental State Examination score <24;
- History of hepatitis or elevated hepatic transaminases or bilirubin;
- History of renal insufficiency or serum creatinine over 1.6;
- Cancer or other chronic illness that makes 3-year survival unlikely or will detract from the ability to carry out exercise and skills practice.