Looking Glass: Bimanual Balanced Reaching With Visual Biofeedback


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- 8 months post stroke
- FMUE 15-50
- Active shoulder and elbow flexion-extension when supported against gravity to accomplish a forward mediolateral and inferior-superior reaching movements of 30 cm

Exclusion Criteria

- Bilateral paresis
- Severe sensory deficits in the affected limb
- Severe spasticity preventing movement (MAS 4 or greater at elbow)
- Aphasia, cognitive impairment or affective dysfunction that influence ability to participate in the experiment
- Inability to provide informed consent
- Severe current medical problems
- Diffuse/multiple lesion sites or multiple strokes
- Hemi-spatial neglect or visual field cut preventing subjects from seeing the target
- Inability to maintain the testing positions
- Botox injections in the affected Upper Extremity within the past 4 months
- Concurrent participation in Upper Extremity rehab (research or prescribed therapy)
- Participation in previous, similar robotics intervention studies
- Pregnant women, children and teenagers, prisoners