Long-term Effects of Stroke Unit Treatment


Phase N/A Results


The proportion of patients at home was higher in the SU group after 5 years: 34.5% of the patients treated in the SU were at home compared with 18.2% in the GW (P=.006). A significant difference in survival was also present 5 years after the onset of the stroke. The death rate was 59.1% in the SU and 70.9% in the GW after 5 years (P=.041). There was a nonsignificant reduction in institutional care: 6.4% in the SU group and 10.9% in the GW group were in an institution (e.g., nursing home) after 5 years (P=.230). The functional level assessed by BI was higher in the SU (P=.042), and the proportion of independent patients (BI 95) was also higher (P=.004). These differences were found to have persisted when patient were re-examined after 10 years.