Listening for Leisure After Stroke "MELLO"

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Diagnosis of Ischaemic stroke (confirmed clinically and/or radiologically and subclassified according to the Oxford Clinical Stroke Classification)
- ≤14 days poststroke at time of recruitment (expression of interest to participate either verbally or in writing)
- Native English speaking

Exclusion Criteria

- Comorbid progressive neurological or neurodegenerative condition
- Major psychiatric disorder (Prestroke history of mood disorder or stable antidepressant medication will not lead to exclusion)
- History of major substance abuse problems
- Unable to give informed consent
- Unable to cooperate with the study protocol (e.g. due to severe aphasia, uncorrected impairment of hearing or vision, or illiteracy)
- Clinically unstable (e.g. due to major intercurrent illness).