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Name Acronym Phase Status
Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in Stroke 1 Recruiting_status_icon
Evaluation of Aging, Autonomic Nervous System Activity and Cardiovascular Events PROOF N/A Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
Prognostic Value of Carotid CEUS in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Balance Training After Stroke With REWIRE REWIRESI N/A Completed_status_icon
Effects of Brain Network by Simultaneous Dual-mode Stimulation in Subacute Stroke Patients N/A Completed_status_icon
The Impact of Group Singing on Patients With Stroke and Their Personal Caregivers N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Analysis of Revascularisation in Ischemic Stroke With EmboTrap ARISE N/A Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
The Singapore Tele-technology Aided Rehabilitation in Stroke (STARS) Study STARS N/A Completed_status_icon
Electrical Stimulation for the Treatment of Post-Stroke Shoulder Pain N/A Completed_status_icon
Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases Registry N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Clinical Feasibility of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation [tDCS] With Standard Aphasia Therapy N/A Enrolling_by_invitation_status_icon
Trial of Sirolimus for Cognitive Impairment in Sturge-Weber Syndrome 2/3 Recruiting_status_icon
Tai Chi for Stroke Rehabilitation on Balance and Cognition TCSR N/A Completed_status_icon
Mechanisms of Walking Recovery After Stroke N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Ventilatory Muscle Training in Stroke 3 Recruiting_status_icon
Xingnaojing for Moderate-to-severe Acute Ischemic Stroke (XMAS) XMAS 4 Recruiting_status_icon
Evaluation of a CarePartner-Integrated Telehealth Rehabilitation Program for Persons With Stroke CARE-CITE 1 Recruiting_status_icon
Vertebral Artery and Cerebral Hemodynamics After Various Head Positions & Manipulation in Patients With Neck Pain N/A Completed_status_icon
Cannabidiol Expanded Access Study in Medically Refractory Sturge-Weber Syndrome 1/2 Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
Innovative Approaches to Gauge Progression of Sturge-Weber Syndrome N/A Recruiting_status_icon
D-dimer In Patients With atRial Fibrillation rEceiving antiCoagulation Therapy DIRECT N/A Completed_status_icon
Stratification of Stroke Rehabilitation: 5-year Profiles of Functional Outcomes N/A Completed_status_icon
Virtual Rehabilitation and PNF in the Recovery of the Motor Function Post Stroke N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Health Outcomes of Patients With Stable Chronic Disease Managed With a Healthcare Kiosk N/A Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Effects rTMS Combined With Fluoxetine on Motor Recovery in Stroke Patients 2 Recruiting_status_icon
REgistry on Real-Life EXperience With Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion RELEXAO N/A Enrolling_by_invitation_status_icon
Effect of Virtual Reality Game on Upper Limb Movement in Individuals With Stroke VRULS N/A Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Functional Connectivity In Relation To Proprioception and Sensorimotor Recovery in Stroke Patients (Feasibility Study) N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Rivaroxaban Versus Aspirin in Secondary Prevention of Stroke and Prevention of Systemic Embolism in Patients With Recent Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source (ESUS) NAVIGATE ESUS 3 Recruiting_status_icon
Effects of Donepezil on Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Haemorrhage DASH 2 Terminated_status_icon
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