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Name Acronym Phase Status
THALES - Acute STroke or Transient IscHaemic Attack Treated With TicAgreLor and ASA for PrEvention of Stroke and Death THALES 3 Recruiting_status_icon
Safety and Efficacy of NA-1 in Subjects Undergoing Endovascular Thrombectomy for Stroke (ESCAPE-NA1) ESCAPE-NA1 3 Recruiting_status_icon
Mechanisms of Walking Recovery After Stroke N/A Completed_status_icon
Robot Aided Rehabilitation - Multi-joint Evaluations Aim1 Recruiting_status_icon
Field Randomization of NA-1 Therapy in Early Responders FRONTIER 3 Recruiting_status_icon
Clinical Study to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of NT 201 Compared to Placebo in the Treatment of Chronic Troublesome Drooling Associated With Neurological Disorders and/or Intellectual Disability SIPEXI 3 Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
Argatroban in Combination With Rt-PA for Acute Ischemic Stroke 4 Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Improving Hand Motor Function After Stroke: Role of Robotics N/A Completed_status_icon
Interlimb Transfer Post-stroke Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
Balloon Expandable Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Without Predilation of the Aortic Valve EASE-IT Completed_status_icon
Impact of M-health Based Intervention on Adherence to Healthy Physical Activity After Stroke. Recruiting_status_icon
Safety and Efficacy of Glibenclamide Combined With Rt-PA in Acute Cerebral Embolism SE-GRACE 4 Recruiting_status_icon
Implementation of Neuro Lung Protective Ventilation NEUROVENT N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Rivaroxaban for the Prevention of Major Cardiovascular Events in Coronary or Peripheral Artery Disease COMPASS 3 Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
Treat Stroke to Target TST N/A Recruiting_status_icon
PCSK9 Inhibition in Patients With Symptomatic Intracranial Atherosclerosis Early 1 Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Novel Methods for Arrhythmia Detection Recruiting_status_icon
Feasibility and Safety of Umbilical Cord Blood Transfusion in the Treatment of Neonatal Cerebral Ischemia and Anemia 1 Recruiting_status_icon
Evaluation to Assess Safety and Tolerability of DM199 in Subjects With Acute Ischemic Stroke REMEDY 2 Recruiting_status_icon
The Third, Intensive Care Bundle With Blood Pressure Reduction in Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage Trial INTERACT3 N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Developing a Patient Oriented Discharge Summary for Stroke Inpatients N/A Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Pivotal Study of VNS During Rehab After Stroke (VNS-REHAB) VNS-REHAB N/A Recruiting_status_icon
Conivaptan for the Reduction of Cerebral Edema in Intracerebral Hemorrhage- A Safety and Tolerability Study N/A Enrolling_by_invitation_status_icon
Contralaterally Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation Plus Video Games for Hand Therapy After Stroke 2 Recruiting_status_icon
The Pilot Project Development Of MEdical Rehabilitation System in Russian Federation Recruiting_status_icon
Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Gaming Therapy Versus CI Therapy for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation N/A Recruiting_status_icon
A Study of Apixaban in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation, Not Caused by a Heart Valve Problem, Who Are at Risk for Thrombosis (Blood Clots) Due to Having Had a Recent Coronary Event, Such as a Heart Attack or a Procedure to Open the Vessels of the Heart 4 Active_not_recruiting_status_icon
THrombolysis for Acute Wake-up and Unclear-onset Strokes With Alteplase at 0.6 mg/kg Trial (THAWS) THAWS 3 Recruiting_status_icon
Non-Heme Iron Load Quantification in the Brain - MRI of Patients With Stroke Enrolling_by_invitation_status_icon
Treatment of Port-wine Mark in Sturge-Weber Syndrome Using Topical Timolol 1 Recruiting_status_icon
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